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Find Relief From Crippling Debt in Pembroke Pines, FL

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Are you drowning in debt despite being gainfully employed? You may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Mary Jo Rivero, P.A. can help you better understand your bankruptcy options and guide you through the filing process. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows those receiving regular income to set up a payment plan that will pay down all or part of their debts.

Attorney Rivero and her team will examine your financial situation and determine if this is the best solution for your needs. If so, we'll help you arrange a payment plan that allows you to pay your debts in installments over a three-to five-year period.

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Why choose to file for Chapter 13 in Pembroke Pines, Florida?

Mary Jo Rivero, P.A. can guide you through the benefits associated with filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you file for Chapter 13, you’ll have the freedom to:

  • Restructure your car payments
  • Stretch payments over a three-to five-year period
  • Reduce the amount of your payments over time
  • Help you catch up on deliquent mortgage payments and save your home from foreclosure

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