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Worried About Foreclosure? Modify Your Mortgage Loan.

Trust Pembroke Pines, Florida's Mary Jo Rivero, P.A. with the job

If the bank is threatening to foreclose on your home, don't give up hope-there is an alternative. Mary Jo Rivero, P.A. can help you avoid foreclosure by modifying your mortgage loan. Loan modifications are the most effective way to renegotiate the terms of a loan.

Attorney Rivero understands that financial hardship can come into anyone's life and will work with you to restructure your mortgage payments. Her team can handle negotiations for your mortgage loan modification and offer your lender incentives to help reduce the amount of your payments.

Discuss your mortgage loan modification needs with a mortgage loan attorney at Mary Jo Rivero, P.A. today.

Mortgage loan modification services in Pembroke Pines, FL

Most lenders aren't willing to work with homeowners unless they have legal representation. Hire Mary Jo Rivero, P.A. immediately to handle your mortgage loan modification and save yourself from foreclosure. If you qualify, we can help modify the terms of your mortgage by working toward:

  • A reduction in your interest rate
  • A reduction in principal
  • A reduction in late fees and other penalties
  • A longer loan term

See what we can do to help you. Call Mary Jo Rivero, P.A. at 954-704-9332.